The Paleo Plan

Paleo Mint Ice Cream


  • ⅔ cup cold almond milk
  • 2 large cold avocados
  • 3-5 tablespoons melted honey (but not hot), to taste (those on the low carb or keto diet may use finely powdered Erythritol)
  • Peppermint extract, to taste (I use about 12+ drops but I’m a mint addict and the mintier the better)
  • OPTIONAL: chocolate chips or chocolate pieces, paleo approved is best
  • OPTIONAL: mint leaves for fun and more color.


  1. Mix all of your ingredients together in a blender (omit the chocolate chips until the end if you prefer) except for the mint leaves.
  2. Pour into ice cream maker.
  3. Follow manufacturer’s instructions.
  4. I do scrape the sides now and then.
  5. Some people add some paleo-friendly dark chocolate pieces or chips (I do occasionally or more than occasionally).
  6. Serve with my homemade dark chocolate sauce.
  7. You can add little sprigs of mint – for eye appeal!
  8. Enjoy!

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