The Paleo Plan


What Kind of Foods Are Allowed on the Paleo Diet?


The Paleo Diet is more likely the imitation of how and what our ancestors eat during the early ages. The types of foods include of whole and unprocessed foods that are similar in nature.

Like the modern humans, the ancestors liked it eating foods that are known to be disease-free (diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart disease and other chronic diseases.)

In order to keep a track on the food that you are eating, better try to have meal plan that can go with your exercise. In that way you can also know how many carbohydrates, calories, vitamins and nutrients you are getting in a day. List all the healthy food that you will have or had on the day and you can make research about, it help you have a clear and better understanding on your food intake.

The Basics


  • “Lamb”
  • “Beef”
  • “Turkey”
  • “Chicken”
  • “Pork”


  • “Salmon”
  • “Trout”
  • “Haddock”
  • “Shrimp”
  • “Shellfish”



  • “Pastured or Omega-3 enriched eggs”
  • (Consume 2 eggs ONLY in 1 week . Eggs are high in cholesterol. And cholesterol is the main root of heart disease)



  • “Broccoli”
  • “Peppers”
  • “Kale”
  • “Carrots”
  • “Tomatoes”


  • “Bananas”
  • “Apples”
  • “Pears”
  • “Avocados”
  • “Oranges”
  • “Pears”
  • “Blueberries”
  • “Strawberries”



  • “Sweet Potatoes”
  • “Potatoes”
  • “Yams”
  • “Turnips”




  • Almonds
  • Macadamia Nuts
  • Walnuts
  • Hazelnuts
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Pumpkin Seeds



  • “Lard”
  • “Tallow”
  • “Coconut Oil”
  • “Olive Oil”
  • “Avocado Oil”



  • “Sea Salt”
  • “Himalayan Salt”
  • “Garlic Turmeric”
  • “Rosemary”


As much as possible, choose only those pasture-raised, grass-fed and organic. This is also if you may be able to pay for it. Also, ensure to choose the least processed option.


  • Who could not resist the indulging taste of chocolate and the quenching feeling of wine? Chocolate and wine are also perfectly healthy but only with small amount. Wine is rich in antioxidants and nutrients that are very beneficial to the body.
  • If you want to rehydrate, water is the best thirst quencher and it should always be your number one choice of beverage. Tea and Coffee are not exactly paleo foods. But, they are also beneficial to the body. Tea is simply loaded with a lot of antioxidants and beneficial compounds. Coffee also has its antioxidants and also has its various health benefits.

You do not need to cut your urge on eating such food. But, be sure to monitor your portions because too much is bad, and less can also mean more in terms of health. If you cannot stand the urge on eating less healthy food, take it step by step. Eventually, the urge will pass.

If you are not familiar with the right nutrients that your body deserves, make a research or consult some professional advice. It is always not bad to have third-party opinions. They actually might help you on getting on the right track.

What Food Should I Avoid in the Paleo Diet?


Food is what most people of any age or gender can understand. This should be paid attention to by all people, old and young alike. In the current issues concerning health, diet and health should seriously be taken into consideration.
The Paleolithic eople have lived long because of the Paleolithic diet that had been in their regimen. The Paleo Diet is a dietary regimen based on the diet of the ancestors. With the food industry now on its peak, you should be very cautious and aware of what foods you are having.
To help you more of getting on the right track, there are some food restrictions that must be considered.
Starch-rich foods such as grains have toxic ant nutrients. They have the substances that hinder the body from getting and absorbing all those nutrients for daily routines. Glutens, on the other hand, are an inflammatory protein. They cause your innards to get damaged, and induces irritation in the body. Some grains lets the body takes out insulin. Thus, this sets off fat storage.
Must not Haves

– Rice
– Barley
– Bulgur
– Buckwheat
– Oats
– Millet
– Corn
– Quinoa
– Sorghum
– Rye
– Teff
– Spelt
– Wheat

Even though beans have their good reputation to being healthy, their contents are still similar with the nutrients that contain grains. Even with sprouting, pre-soaking, fermentation, legumes are still high in carbohydrates that trigger the release of insulin. Thus, this is difficult for the body to process.
Must Not Haves
– Peanuts, peanut butter
– Broad Beans
– Pinto Beans
– Chickpeas
– Lentil
– White beans
– Mung beans
– Sybeans (including tempeh, tofu, soy sauce, miso, soy milk, natto, edamame, )

Human beings are known to get and drink milk from an animal. They still drink milk even beyond the weaning stage. However, the cow milk that is processed usually has bacteria, growth hormones. This also sets off a strong response in insulin.
Must Not Haves
– Cheese
– Yogurt
– Cream
– Sour Cream
– Milk

Removing all of the sugary-based foods in your diet is an impossible thing to do. Even so, the carbohydrates on fruits and vegetables are sugar. To achieve your goal on losing weight and having that optimal health, eliminating added or alternative sugars in your diet is a must. These should also include those gratifying forms and unnatural sweeteners.
Must Not Haves
– Molasses
– Agave
– Rice syrup
– Raw sugar
– Brown Sugar
– All other packaged, boxed or packets of artificial sugars

Some oils are commended as “healthy oils”. However, they are not natural fats. They are also prone to offensive smell or taste. They can also create radicals in your body that make them very inflammatory.
Must Not Haves
– Canola Oil
– Partially hydrogenated oil’
– Corn Oil
– Cottonseed oil
– Palm Kernel Oil
Take note that you can also search for any alternatives of any of the products mentioned above.

Paleo for Weight Loss

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There are plenty of ways on how you can lose weight and have a healthy body. One of which is the Paleo Diet. It is becoming a very controversial topic. This is mainly because of the theory that modern people adapt on the diet of the human in the Paleolithic Era.
This convinces people to eat like cavemen. But, it does not mean that you should be ripping out animal meat with your bare hands. A paleo diet consists of naturally accessible foods to human beings. This means that their foods are based only on hunting and agriculture. In addition, processed foods are not really into existence back then.
Why Paleo Diet for Weight Loss?
Having a restriction on something is not always as negative as you think it could be. Weight loss can be the result of the restrictions on the Paleo Diet. It can help you reduce the risk on having various diseases.
There are food matters in the Paleo Diet that can help you cut off those fats and carbohydrates. One food group can already supplement your body’s dependence on unhealthy food. If you like incorporating dairy, grains and beans, addend sweeteners and artificial flavors in your food, then better change the wrong habit. These foods trigger the inflammation inside the body because they are not meant for consumption.
There are certain foods in the Paleo Diet that must be avoided. And for starters, it is not an easy task to do. When on the urge to use such foods, you can always find alternatives by doing your research and asking for suggestions and recommendations on third parties. When doing so, you can never go wrong with their opinions. And, they might really help you in which alternative is the best to suit your need.
Reducing the consumption on these foods from your diet can even help you lose weight, burn those fats and increase your immunity, lessen allergy symptoms, have great amount of energy, relieve depression and stress and remove joint pains. These can also lower down your blood pressure and cholesterol, lessen the risk on having heart disease, diabetes, various types of cancer. And, these foods can allow you to have a better sleep at night with the promise of good health.
This type of food habit exercise does not mean that you have to deprive yourself with the food you want to eat. This is simply the type of food habit that enables you to do and start some changes in eating. This is especially true to unhealthy foods.
Having the right knowledge and constant awareness on the food you eat and the beverages you drink every single day can help you out in achieving your desired body and healthy lifestyle. You can always start making some small changes. Start the Paleo Diet now and do not be afraid to try something new. This is because it can be the answer that you’ve been longing for. Never hesitate in having this diet!

Living the Paleo Lifestyle

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Choosing the Paleo Diet is the most effective choice you can actually have than any diet choice. This can help you lose weight even without trying. While on your shift to the Paleo Diet is of a great start, there are few healthy lifestyle habits that can actually help you achieve your goals on losing weight. Remember that you are in a Paleo Diet now, so it is now your life style. With great diet comes a great food diet responsibility.

1. Being Simple is Better.
One of the reasons why Paleo Diet is the most effective diet is because it has the ability to help you decrease calories without you being aware of it. Research tells that the simpler the food you eat, the less you consume. This will be a big help for you to lessen those pounds without any effort.
But SIMPLE is such a very simple word. How do we really make Paleo Diet as simple as possible? This is easy. Life starts with the basics. And thus, start with it by understanding the basics of healthy foods such as proteins including fish or meat. There must also be a sufficient amount of non-starchy vegetables, root vegetables or fruits and some healthy fats. If you like cooking gourmet meals, you can do it so with the simple foods. With your creativity, you can also add up some ideas on how it can be appetizing not just on the eyes but even on the palate.

2. Always bear in mind to eat enough and with the right consumption.
Many diet newbie’s and Paleo rookies believe that eating less is actually better when on a weight loss. When you have this mindset, you tend to deprive your body with the right calories, nutrients and vitamins which are needed in the optimal functioning of your body to lessen stress and other related diseases.
Also, not having the right calories in the body causes you to lower your resting metabolic rate (the calories you burn). These can cause the delay in your weight loss or even revert it. Dieting is not about starving yourself. Calories also count. But, you should take eating and dieting responsibly.

3. Eating enough carbs can support your activity level
It is the amount of exercise you do in a day that is good if you match it with the carbohydrate you take. An extreme exercise without enough carbohydrate is not good to the body. This can actually lead you to being fatigued and breaking your muscles. Avoiding carbohydrates is not good. These are still needed by the body especially in your daily tasks.

4. Exercise and move throughout the day.
Being lazy and sitting all day in your house or in the office is simply a big “no no” in doing a healthy lifestyle. In exercising for weight loss, running throughout the day is a vital regime.

Benefits of Paleo

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What is Paleo? Paleo refers to a diet that is low in carbohydrates. There is a need to remove all of the processed foods that will help reduce your carb intake. If you will try this paleo diet, you will soon be experiencing different results, changes in the body, increased energy level and mood.
Mostly all people would agree of eating paleo diet will make you feel pretty. Here are some of the paleo benefits listed below:
1. Balancing the Blood Glucose Levels – This helps avoid spikes on your blood glucose level, fatigue feelings and diabetes.
2. Leaner Muscles – This diet helps in promoting a leaner physique and muscle growth if you will engage in weightlifting. If you have a leaner body structure, you will be able to handle life’s challenges such as the stress level often accompanied with your busy lifestyle.
3. Avoiding foods with wheat and gluten – as the study shows, eating gluten results to problems on your digestive system. You will also be gaining weight but avoiding these foods helps improve your body. And then, you can somehow feel better.
4. Keeping you feeling fuller –This contains the right amount of fats which help avoid all those cravings. And thus, you can be feeling fuller. Eating the right amount of proteins from meat and vegetables, fiber and carbohydrates will help you feel fuller. You will also avoid those problems related in making meal.
5. No counting required – this diet is easy and simple to follow. You can simply eat any other foods.
6. It can help prevent certain diseases – In this diet, you can eat anti-inflammatory foods. And then, you can cut out all those foods that only cause inflammation. Eating foods with phytonutrients and antioxidants helps in battling cancer and preventing heart disease.
7. It helps you sleep better – by avoiding chemicals and additives in the foods you eat, you will be sleeping better.
8. Avoiding Processed Foods – you may start avoiding processed foods. And, do not rely on these foods on a daily basis. It involves both the psychological and physical adjustment.
9. Avoid eating in fast food restaurants – avoiding fast foods has some of its health benefits.
10. Cutting outs junk foods- avoiding junk foods means improving yourself, spending your money with the foods that only help you.
11. Cutting out empty carbs and calories – it will result towards feeling better, losing your weight and having more energy levels
12. Giving you more energy – way of feeling energized without resorting to energy drink, caffeinated beverages and others to help you get through the day.
13. Provides Detoxing Effects – have a lighter feeling after several weeks
14. Keeping things simple – you will eat to live and be free from mental effort.
15. Increased intake of fruits and vegetables – in this diet, fruits and vegetables are highly emphasized than meat. Thus, you will rely on this diet.

Paleo Weight Loss

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Are you ready to get started on the Paleo diet and are wondering if you can actually lose weight? You have read about it, seen it advertised and want to jump on the bandwagon like all those celebrities and everyone else. You hear the stories and it makes you want to start losing weight–today.
It is no secret that this is one of the hottest diets going right now. Lots of people are saying how much healthier they are, how they have more energy, more mental clarity and love the way they look and feel. The one thing that people love most about this diet is the few changes you have to make to your present eating habits and how you really don’t have to kill yourself at the gym.
Are you tired of trying the same old treadmill of products and lifestyle changes other diets ask you to make? With the Paleo diet you can change a few of your eating habits, exercise a little more and not be burnt out by the end of the first week.
Any time you are asked to make a multitude of changes at the same to time, your diet and exercise routine are a recipe for disaster. This is why people get fed up and quit so quickly. You are asked to eat food that tastes like cardboard and work out until you drop. Did you know that 90% of dieters fail and drop off their new routine; or most likely New Year’s resolution.
So why is this diet so different? First, the Paleo diet is easy to stick with. The weight loss you will see is much different. The Paleo diet addresses different key areas that other diets don’t take into consideration.
The Paleo diet helps you to build up protein in your body. Your body needs protein. Period. Protein helps you to feel fuller for longer periods of time. Why is this important? It is really quite simple. The hungrier you are the more tempted you are to head for the junk food cupboard, vending machine or nearest fast-food restaurant. You can’t get there fast enough and you end up eating something unhealthy.
Another reason the Paleo diet works is that protein helps your body to burn stored fat cells. From the moment you stuff those french-fries into your mouth, your body is thinking about how it needs to break down all the components of that fry. When you are eating a lot of protein, the body does not break it down so easily so it will start to break down those fat cells instead which are caused by those fries.
To further enhance your Paleo diet, add an exercise routine. Before you start thinking, “absolutely not” think about this. All you have to do is go for a nice walk or jog. An hour walk equals about three miles. Easy! Your body is already burning fat with the changes you have made with your protein intake. Why not add a little exercise to pump up the cardio?
Just like anything else in life, it is how you look at this as to how successful you will be. Now, get out there and start your Paleo lifestyle today!

Paleo Foods


The Paleo diet food list can be your best friend. In order to be successful on the diet you need to stick to the foods that are suggested in order to optimally lose weight. The Paleo diet suggests foods that are high in protein and “natural” foods. As suggested by the name, “Paleo” it literally means eat like a caveman who survived in the Paleolithic era.
There are minor changes that you need to make in your diet which will assist you in “going Paleo.” As with any diet, you need to eat foods in moderation. This diet is no different except that you will find eating much healthier and shedding pounds much faster because of the food you are allowed to eat versus starving yourself.
Eating Paleo does not mean going hungry. You will be satisfied with the foods that you are allowed to consume. The key is the type of food and changing it up a bit. The Paleo diet is based on eating a lot of protein. By eating lots of Protein, you will not only look better but you will feel better. Eating protein gives you the feeling of being full and it has the best effect ever: breaking down all of those fat cells that you have accumulated over the years.
In the morning, don’t eat an Egg McMuffin type sandwich, just eat an egg. If you are a coffee drinker, try drinking it black. The flavorful creams that they entice you with at the store contain a LOT of sugar. And, dairy is not your friend anyway. If you like to eat a sandwich for lunch with cheese, skip the cheese and just go for the meat.
If you are going to succeed on the Paleo diet you will have to eliminate processed foods…period. This diet will only work if you follow the suggested food list. No sugars. No junk food. If something is not in its natural form, you are not allowed to eat it. Eating processed foods does not give you the nutrition that your body needs to stay strong and healthy.
What can you eat? Nuts and seeds. Organic fruits and vegetables. Lean Meat to name a few. There are a variety of foods to choose from in each of these groups.
Nuts and seeds are great, healthy snacks. Whether you are at work, at home or on the road, taking along a pack of seeds or nuts is an approved Paleo food that is good for you. It is hard to stay away from that junk food on such occasions but if you keep a pack or two of nuts or seeds with you at all time, you won’t be tempted by those vending machines full of unhealthy foods.
Lean meat means eating grass fed meat (if at all possible). Grass fed meats (or natural meats) means that the animals are not fed artificial food additives such as those that plump them up for greater meat quality/quantity. By eating grass fed meats you get all the benefits of the essential nutrients the animal has taken in.
Organic fruits and vegetables are also essential Paleo diet foods which are filled with nutrients and hydration. Almost all of these types of vegetables are packed with enhanced flavors since they are organic.
Try starting your Paleo diet with these three food groups or start with one at a time. The idea is to just get started!

Paleo Diet Results

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Before beginning the Paleo diet, you will most likely ask yourself the following question: when will I see the Paleo diet results?
As with anything else, it depends. It depends on where you are right now as far as weight, height, eating habits, exercise habits, etc. In order to see Paleo diet results, it will depend on how soon you start the diet and how long you follow it. Some more important factors are your age, your metabolism and your genetics.
You may or may not see results as fast as your relatives or friends. You may see quicker results than expected depending on how seriously you take the Paleo diet and how closely you follow the guidelines. Don’t go ballistic when you don’t see yourself shedding the pounds immediately because with this type of diet you are going to feel much better before you look in the mirror and see the fantastic results.
When you change over to the Paleo diet and way of thinking you will be getting more protein which will cause you to drop the weight faster. You will find that youreating habits are going to change along with your overall body fat count.
A lot of people report on the fact the once they are on the Paleo diet they feel less hungry. They also report losing weight more rapid than any other diet they have tried. You will also start seeing the difference when you look in the mirror. You will notice that parts of your body are toning up where you never thought it possible before.
Another big benefit is that you will also realize you are not killing yourself on the Paleo diet by having to work out so hard at the gym and that you don’t feel exhausted. You will look start looking firmer and toned and that is what everyone strives for when starting a diet.
How are you going to start feeling this way? The Paleo diet asks you to eat a lot of protein. By eating a lot of protein your body feels full for a longer period of time. You will notice that you hardly ever feel hungry. The key is to take this into consideration and not go ahead and eat for the sake of eating. You will definitely not feel like you are starving so there is no need to binge on sweets or junk food.
Protein not only help you feel full, you start to see the results by that lean, mean fat-burning machine that you have become. You will start to see muscle and look much more tone than before. Protein takes longer to break down so it stays with your body longer. What that does in turn is send your body looking for the fat reserves. To put it another way: your body loves protein and keeps it, your body doesn’t like fat and the protein goes after it.
If you decide to try the Paleo diet, give it a chance to work before you decide to drop it like the last 15 diets you have tried. You can achieve amazing Paleo diet results if you stick with it long enough.

What is the Paleo Diet?

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If you have not heard of the Paleo diet, you need to stand up and take notice. The Paleo diet is one of the better diets to come along in a great while. There is no starvation but only asks you to change the types of foods you eat. The Paleo diet is full of protein.
Because the Paleo diet is full of protein and helps to eliminate fat cells, you will not only look amazing and feel great, you will also have an enormous boost in your energy. You will wonder why you did not try living this lifestyle sooner.
You ask: Is the Paleo diet for me? Before starting any new diet it is suggested that you consult your physician.
Basically, the “Paleo” diet is just as it suggests. You will be eating like a caveman. No, you won’t be scavenging around for meat, fruits or vegetables in the forest. What it means is that you will beeating all natural foods. You are not allowed to eat processed foods. You will be eating anything that eats or grows off of the land naturally or organically.
Cavemen relied on their skills and knowledge of anything that would be suitable to eat. They had to hunt it, bring it home and prepare it. There was definitely not a Mickey D’s drive-thru in that era to go get a fast-food fix! When they hunted and gathered food, they had to be mindful of their food stock and protect it against predators and/or other hungry animals. The caveman needed to perform at his optimal best at all times.
Cavemen knew that eating meat alone was not satisfying. Because fruits and vegetables were plentiful they would also gather these types of foods to supplement their meals. By eating foods fueled with nutrition it allowed the caveman to be at his best mentally and physically at all times. He basically couldn’t have it any other way or he would not survive.
A caveman needed enormous strength for all the tasks he was required to accomplish in a day. Not only did he have to hunt, he had to configure and make the weapons he used for hunting. A caveman had to protect himself and his family from the elements. But, most of all, he had to keep his body fueled up in order to be able to fight off anything that presented itself in that day and age.
There are a lot of people who highly recommend this diet such as movie stars and celebrities because they enjoy the benefits looking and feeling healthy. Many others swear by this new way of looking at and eating food.
If you are going to reap the benefits of the Paleo diet, you will probably experience a rise in your energy level, lose dramatic amounts of weight and feel less sick all the time. The reason you are going to feel this way is because you are going to be building up your health, strength and body fuel instead of destroying.
What are you waiting for? It is really not that hard and once you start you will wonder how you ever lived the other way by eating all that unhealthy processed food.

Paleo Diet Controversy


If you turn on the TV, surf the internet or are not living under a rock, you have most likely heard about the diet everyone is talking about: the Paleo diet. There are a lot of books, DVD’s and other materialsout there about this diet. It has been endorsed by celebrities and others who have now become “experts” in the field of Paleo.

But, that being said, there are also the naysayers. As with any diet, there are those who do not see the benefits and will gladly speak their mind on all of their negative thoughts about the diet. This diet is garnishing a lot of attention and whenever something becomes really popular so fast there is almost always going to be controversy surrounding it.

A lot of people are calling the Paleo diet just another fad diet that will come and go just like so many of the other diets out there. In fact, this could not be further from the truth. There are so many people that have tried this diet that it is hard to say too many negative things about it. People can’t get enough of living “Paleo.”

People are swearing by the Paleo diet because it is so much different than all the other diets out there today. People are feeling healthy, healing from illnesses and it is basically changing their lives. It almost seems too good to be true so forget about, and put away, all those negative thoughts. This is one diet that is true to its word.

Here is one way to start thinking about this diet. Are you really going to be changing your lifestyle that drastically if you are already buying food organically? Do you shop at Whole Foods or check the labels before you purchase your food at the supermarket? You are probably already eating Paleo without even knowing it.

Paleo means eating foods that can be found in nature or are organic in nature. It also means avoiding foods that are processed. Some people would call this eating like a vegetarian or vegan (current fad). The big difference with eating Paleo is that you will be consuming lean meat which is actually good for you. Meat is actually good for you and provides the protein your body needs contrary to what some believe.

If you are wondering how this diet will fit in with your household, especially if you have children, have no fear. Think about the children who lived in the Paleo era. What did they eat? They ate what their parents ate. And, no, there was no pizza delivery or fast-food restaurant nearby. The children were forced to eat what was put before them. None of thisPaleo for the adults and hot dogs and mac/cheese for the kids. If you eat this way in your house, your children will follow along.

Some people don’t believe in forcing their children to eat healthy foods. But, keep in mind the obesity problem that is rampant these days. If you start your family eating healthy fruits and vegetables along with lean meat as suggested by the Paleo diet, they will thank you when they get older.