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What Food Should I Avoid in the Paleo Diet?

What Food Should I Avoid in the Paleo Diet?


Food is what most people of any age or gender can understand. This should be paid attention to by all people, old and young alike. In the current issues concerning health, diet and health should seriously be taken into consideration.
The Paleolithic eople have lived long because of the Paleolithic diet that had been in their regimen. The Paleo Diet is a dietary regimen based on the diet of the ancestors. With the food industry now on its peak, you should be very cautious and aware of what foods you are having.
To help you more of getting on the right track, there are some food restrictions that must be considered.
Starch-rich foods such as grains have toxic ant nutrients. They have the substances that hinder the body from getting and absorbing all those nutrients for daily routines. Glutens, on the other hand, are an inflammatory protein. They cause your innards to get damaged, and induces irritation in the body. Some grains lets the body takes out insulin. Thus, this sets off fat storage.
Must not Haves

– Rice
– Barley
– Bulgur
– Buckwheat
– Oats
– Millet
– Corn
– Quinoa
– Sorghum
– Rye
– Teff
– Spelt
– Wheat

Even though beans have their good reputation to being healthy, their contents are still similar with the nutrients that contain grains. Even with sprouting, pre-soaking, fermentation, legumes are still high in carbohydrates that trigger the release of insulin. Thus, this is difficult for the body to process.
Must Not Haves
– Peanuts, peanut butter
– Broad Beans
– Pinto Beans
– Chickpeas
– Lentil
– White beans
– Mung beans
– Sybeans (including tempeh, tofu, soy sauce, miso, soy milk, natto, edamame, )

Human beings are known to get and drink milk from an animal. They still drink milk even beyond the weaning stage. However, the cow milk that is processed usually has bacteria, growth hormones. This also sets off a strong response in insulin.
Must Not Haves
– Cheese
– Yogurt
– Cream
– Sour Cream
– Milk

Removing all of the sugary-based foods in your diet is an impossible thing to do. Even so, the carbohydrates on fruits and vegetables are sugar. To achieve your goal on losing weight and having that optimal health, eliminating added or alternative sugars in your diet is a must. These should also include those gratifying forms and unnatural sweeteners.
Must Not Haves
– Molasses
– Agave
– Rice syrup
– Raw sugar
– Brown Sugar
– All other packaged, boxed or packets of artificial sugars

Some oils are commended as “healthy oils”. However, they are not natural fats. They are also prone to offensive smell or taste. They can also create radicals in your body that make them very inflammatory.
Must Not Haves
– Canola Oil
– Partially hydrogenated oil’
– Corn Oil
– Cottonseed oil
– Palm Kernel Oil
Take note that you can also search for any alternatives of any of the products mentioned above.

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