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Paleo Weight Loss

Paleo Weight Loss

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Are you ready to get started on the Paleo diet and are wondering if you can actually lose weight? You have read about it, seen it advertised and want to jump on the bandwagon like all those celebrities and everyone else. You hear the stories and it makes you want to start losing weight–today.
It is no secret that this is one of the hottest diets going right now. Lots of people are saying how much healthier they are, how they have more energy, more mental clarity and love the way they look and feel. The one thing that people love most about this diet is the few changes you have to make to your present eating habits and how you really don’t have to kill yourself at the gym.
Are you tired of trying the same old treadmill of products and lifestyle changes other diets ask you to make? With the Paleo diet you can change a few of your eating habits, exercise a little more and not be burnt out by the end of the first week.
Any time you are asked to make a multitude of changes at the same to time, your diet and exercise routine are a recipe for disaster. This is why people get fed up and quit so quickly. You are asked to eat food that tastes like cardboard and work out until you drop. Did you know that 90% of dieters fail and drop off their new routine; or most likely New Year’s resolution.
So why is this diet so different? First, the Paleo diet is easy to stick with. The weight loss you will see is much different. The Paleo diet addresses different key areas that other diets don’t take into consideration.
The Paleo diet helps you to build up protein in your body. Your body needs protein. Period. Protein helps you to feel fuller for longer periods of time. Why is this important? It is really quite simple. The hungrier you are the more tempted you are to head for the junk food cupboard, vending machine or nearest fast-food restaurant. You can’t get there fast enough and you end up eating something unhealthy.
Another reason the Paleo diet works is that protein helps your body to burn stored fat cells. From the moment you stuff those french-fries into your mouth, your body is thinking about how it needs to break down all the components of that fry. When you are eating a lot of protein, the body does not break it down so easily so it will start to break down those fat cells instead which are caused by those fries.
To further enhance your Paleo diet, add an exercise routine. Before you start thinking, “absolutely not” think about this. All you have to do is go for a nice walk or jog. An hour walk equals about three miles. Easy! Your body is already burning fat with the changes you have made with your protein intake. Why not add a little exercise to pump up the cardio?
Just like anything else in life, it is how you look at this as to how successful you will be. Now, get out there and start your Paleo lifestyle today!

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